Monday, March 29, 2010

New york.

im staying at my bffff;s spot and her internet is mucho terriblay. actually, she has NO internet so we're leeching off of neighboring wifi with our laptops literally on her windowsill. ive been doodling/sketching whenever i can out here and i cant wait to upload them; i havent been since she doesnt have a scanner. how deprived i am here! hahah. i AM having a blast though. meeting a lot of people out here and im just starting to do the whole tourist deal. ive been askin everybody* on what to do/where to go constantly. i;ll be here till saturday so feel free to email me suggestions! i dont know when the next time i will be able to check it though; HA!


andrea nina said...

oh man, i am jealous you are in my city. have a great time, darling. check out strands bookstore in union square xoxo

Matt said...

looks very fun