Saturday, March 20, 2010

Working with ma:

me&my sis were constantly being yelled at while we were working for mi madre today at the coffee shop. there were plenty moments where she would just scoff and say let me do it. hahah sorry mum. WE TRY!

i asked friends and such to stop by today but there wasn't much of a turnout. thanks, haters! you guys are missing out on some bombass traditional homemade vietnamese cuisinee. i'll take the hater comment back once you folks come through. several of my sister's coworkers came by to eat, as well as my homie sal and his friend marissa. muchos gracias guys! hope you enjoyed the food.

i'll let you other kids know when im working next to ease the intimidation of coming in by yourself.

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luckyduck!3 said...

you cant hate on someone who didnt know about it... it makes you think: who's really hating on who?