Sunday, January 31, 2010

No, thank you jeremy!

well, i havent formally met jeremy but this is probably how it would go down. (and this is where janine calls me a phony since it didn't happen) i came across jeremy's site waaaay back in the day when i was browsin blogs, right around when i started mine. and i fell in love with his work right away. i envy his illustration skills and that he goes to friggin scad. he does comics and is a comic himself! comedian that is. this guy is veryyy involved in the arts--i dont know how he does it.

he recently wrote a very lovely post/shout out of my blog on his blog@! thanksssss cousin! it means a ton to me! even though i had to share it with two other asian girls. hahahah jkjk.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

No offense, luv.

yeah, celebrity crushes are still great :)

Friday, January 29, 2010


schools already stressful and its only been the first week! homework assignments already due, and im still doin some even when im not sure im in the class yet! and already fell asleep during class too. wheeee!

Call me a champ.

&there goes another scar to my collection.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First day, kinda.

for the past semesters the first day of school was on a tuesday (unless you had a monday-only-class), but apparently that wasn't the case this semester! my dumdumbum had no clue and ended up skipping two classes yesterday! im sure off to a great start.

i;m still gettin used to being back in school. so far so good. just trying to crash crowded classes and drop unnecessary ones yadayada you know the deal. having friends in your class is awesome though! yeah i know--can you believe it? i have friends!

and no, i didn't call her a 5 head. she wrote that herself!

Think again.

my friend gets annoyed when i talk about how i feel 'independent'. but when it comes down to it, i'm still livin at home & will always be a mama's girl. she really did say this by the way.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Internship opportunity!

baycat is looking for new interns for the spring semester! this is a greeeat opp for filmmakers, screenwriters, and graphic designers to work together/build your portfolio/add to your resumé!

i definitely learned a lot interning here, including the stuff i couldnt grasp in school. and of course made some good friends! i know i sound like a corny commercial but this is something you should really apply for! mos def no regrets.


speaking of corny, so are the flyers i made for announcing the internship. hahahha! applications are due feb 26;
apply @

What borrowing brings.


i came home one day to find this lil guy sitting in my room.

my sister has seriously not stopped making all sorts of wonders with her sewing machine. she got alottalotta fabrics from all of us on christmas and they are not going to waste!

im not really big on stuffed animals, but this elephant has a special plate in my heart. and on my desk :) thanks chi ba.

fyi: click on the 'mong' tag for all her other creations.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dusty pages.

havent read a book for fun in the longest time. but i decided to pick one up to read on christmas. i finished reading 'the weight of silence' by heather gudenkauf, and now i'm working on 'blindness' by josé saramago; recommended by a friend :) any suggestions on my next?--before school drags me to focus mainly on, well, school.

Cheeks dial.

jeez, what are the chances. the lady sounded a little annoyed in the voicemail too. sorry ms.ambulanceee hahah;

Just in case.

if for whatever reason you couldn't see my last animation,
you can click the image below :)

and yes i run with my ipod in hand.
i need to get me an armband or somethin.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Miracle of a playlist.

so ive been tryin to exercise more. with no membership/workout buddy, motivation to actually do anything is tough. but once im out on the street with my music, im off running easy. i get tired but the next song can pump me right back up.

here are some of the songs that got me going today:

kinda like a big deal; clipse
recycled air; the postal service
home; gym class heroes
natural high; colby odonis ft tpain
time is running out; muse
beggin; madcon
hell yeah; dead prez
south side; common ft kanye
ten speed; coheed&cambria

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Had plenty.

i was so sick/restless that i passed out and slept for 14 hours last night. it's almost gross. haha but i guess i caught up with my sleep cause ive been dancing with insomnia lately.

\ive been puttin off updating for awhile because
a. i don't feel like it
b. or i do feel like it but im lazy
c. i have company over, &thatd be kinda rude
d. i went out
e. etc

i called in sick today. the time when im allowed to mope around/rest/do nothing--i wanted to be productive while i get better. so i drew alotta comics today. enjoy <3

oh &i got me a get-well gift from a friend. muchos gracias jarrito! :)

which is hilarious cause i loveee domo
&i was an elf for halloween like 4 years straight.

Mother's instinct x infinity.

it only takes one cough/one sneeze whatever to get my mum to panic.

this is how she is every time i'm sick. whether it's minor allergies or a hardcore cold. today she called my sis (in:sacramento) to check up on me because she couldn't reach me at home.

Upside to feeling down.

Vs desktops.

Daring at the wallet.

it;s not her fault though, i just needed someone to blame :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today was 4.2

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Way to start the new year.

oh man,
you have no idea how difficult it was to get up that morning. but i have to say, it was definitely worth it. happy new years everybody! even though im just about a week late to mention this. can you blame me though? it was time to celebrate! it's hard to update when you have company and an agenda to follow :)

meng says happy new yeeeeeear ♥ it's weird writing '2010' though.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whoop whoop/

oh how im lovin winter break; maybe a little too much since im not bein very productive. *new years update later.