Monday, March 29, 2010

New york.

im staying at my bffff;s spot and her internet is mucho terriblay. actually, she has NO internet so we're leeching off of neighboring wifi with our laptops literally on her windowsill. ive been doodling/sketching whenever i can out here and i cant wait to upload them; i havent been since she doesnt have a scanner. how deprived i am here! hahah. i AM having a blast though. meeting a lot of people out here and im just starting to do the whole tourist deal. ive been askin everybody* on what to do/where to go constantly. i;ll be here till saturday so feel free to email me suggestions! i dont know when the next time i will be able to check it though; HA!

Friday, March 26, 2010


wheeeeeeee! im waiting on my ride (thanks again chewyyy) and my room is still a mess from packing. i wanted to update before i leave haha-you can tell i did it really quick. i'll try to post stuff when im over there also. i dont think my bff has a scanner tho, we'll see!

Last petals.

Steady naps.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nervous curls.

today i definitely feel like a creeper. the girl i drew was already looking kinda nervous; she kept scratching/tapping on her notepad, stopped a couple moments to stare off at something, and mouthed/whispered to herself. maybe stressing over an upcoming test? i sat adjacent with my sketchbook on my lap, head down with my sunglasses on--and theyre the ones that you can barely see through.

but i think it was still pretty obvious what i was doing.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Same sentence/same time.

you can't help the common phrase.

Her colors.

& a cheetah backpack.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Working with ma:

me&my sis were constantly being yelled at while we were working for mi madre today at the coffee shop. there were plenty moments where she would just scoff and say let me do it. hahah sorry mum. WE TRY!

i asked friends and such to stop by today but there wasn't much of a turnout. thanks, haters! you guys are missing out on some bombass traditional homemade vietnamese cuisinee. i'll take the hater comment back once you folks come through. several of my sister's coworkers came by to eat, as well as my homie sal and his friend marissa. muchos gracias guys! hope you enjoyed the food.

i'll let you other kids know when im working next to ease the intimidation of coming in by yourself.


hi, i'm going to be helping my mom at work today. so give your support; spread the word; swing by & eaaaaaat :)

mong thu cafe

248 hyde street
san francisco, ca

Friday, March 19, 2010


drive by press came through to make a presentation at my school; nick&ryan were as hilarious as they were inspirational. drivebypress is all about getting artists/artwork&the public together for some onsite printmaking--the press is right in their car! they go to concerts, special events, and go to schools to give amazing lectures! they do prints but whats been popular is printing directly on shirts. i am super appreciative of these people who are so innovative/aware/generous/etc to bring the arts to the people! i love it.

i had to snag me a tee. they let me turn the crank on the press when we were printing mine(which was badass with the chained steering wheel). artists (pros&noobs alike) happily donate their woodblocks for printing. mine was done by john hancock. "spread the ink!"

Binder status.

i don't see many folks with binders anymore. they were the utmost necessity in middle & highschool for sure.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warm wednesday.

well i have a million things to do but i didnt want to fully miss out on this sun. its actually pretty warm out; so i took some reading assignments to the roof.

mmmmm 'twas very nice. brought some fruit with me up there / along with a mat / hat / sunscreen / suntanlotion / &my camera. hahah i have a very intimate relationship with the sun ;)

^ this + a tall glass of soy milk = a very happy powdered-sugar-face.

Epitome of dilly-dally.

being professional at this isn't particularly the best thing.

I'm a pirate!

guess who made a visit this past weekend! i havent seen this beaut in the longest time. ohhhhhh basilllllllll; how i love thee. i force you to play with me even when you already grow tired of me.

and then i pull your ears back. hahahhh dont give me that face.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mole-y girl.

i rode home with janine today. as she was talking about the dramarama around her lately, i tried to draw the girl sitting across from us while i listened. she was busy reading, looking directly down at her book, but i drew her as if she was staring right at us. haha. i had to maneuver around some folks to draw the rest of her; which made me look pretty damn suspicious. hence, the "youre a creeper!" scribbled note from janine. we;re not calling you a creeper, mystery girl!

New addition!

remember that drafting table i got? well, charles just made me a light table! &i loveee it! he;s been on a craze on fixing/adding stuff to the house--and it's been great! he just made me a closet too.

thanks a bunchhhh charles!

Needed lockdown.

i dont know what it is, but i cannot stop eating. rrraaaawwrrrrr!

Happy birthday lia!

her world came crashing down when we told her we didn't get her any presents. we just couldn't help ourselves! what were we supposed to say when she asked us, so sure that we got her something; what kind of presents did you get me?; all wide eyed and everything. it isn't always about presents you lil spoiled egg! but then again she is only *six. hahaha! she sat by herself in the living room for a moment.

and yes, it was only a joke.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Morning snooze.

i didn't want to startle her if she wakes up with me staring at her, so i used her reflection as reference :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So much for that!

even after working 2+ years, cmon&change the rules guys!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Backpack bangs.

this isn't much of a sketch since i only had literally 5 minutes to start and finish. i usually bike to work but it was raining yesterday, so i took the bus; which is a super quick ride.

i couldnt help but want to sweep those bangs out of her face. that wouldve been reaaally awkward though. she already looked nervous as is clinging to her backpack.

Friday, March 12, 2010


it was chilly, but there was plenty sun & not a cloud in the sky. that + good company + food + grass is all i neeeeeeed :)

Bright yellow headphones.

we got on the same bus but he sat all the way in the front. im more of the backofthebussitter. so i drew what i could. he looked pretty concentrated on something. was staring down most of the time. whatever it was, he got over it; smiles and all.

those headphones were amazing though.

i couldnt help but rearrange the letters (hahah don't sue me)--
but can you recognize the true brand?

Let it hang.

i had a couple heart attacks doing this, thinking like;
oh noo my computer's broken!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


somebody stood in front of her before i could finish. +but then again none of my sketches are really complete anyway/

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meng & the pigeon III.

/click to zoom.

Tattoo training:

i was looking through old photos and found these pictures of me&a friend showing eachother up on our tattooing skills. theyre still pretty hilarious. call me up if you want tattoos by meng. hahaha :)

what i did for the homie:

&vice versa:

talk about badass!