Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet bag!

i haven't been writing posts on my sister's creations because i just can't keep up! she has not skipped a beat--she is still making plenty wonders! last time i checked she had a box full of little purses/make-up bags.

what i did get to grab to document was this lil pencil case she made from a delightful fabric--with plastic for a window. i cant stand how crafty she is! she should be creating a site very soon; that includes the option to purchase her babies! for time being click on the mong tag for all posts pertaining to mi lovely seeester :)


charles perretti said...

I think you design her a etsy site with you 5kill5. Then you can use it in your portfolio.

andrea nina said...

yes, try etsy. your sister is just as talented as you are.