Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Start of a series.

work. work. work.
we all have our days. sometimes they just come too often.

i can be a big exaggerator too though :)


tony nguyen said...

I don't think i can work a job where I have to be nice to dumb customer...

I'm too used to being an asshole if they get on my nerve.

Metropcs Sales rep (ghettro)
1) "we have the right to refuse service to anyone, right now i refuse service to you. the door is that way"
2) "G (sercurity), escort this guy out. He's banned from our store."
3) "sir, please calm down." (this always piss them off). OK, I can't help you anymore."
4) Customer swears at me. *I stand up* "Sir, do you want to take this outside?" *Security walks to the counter* "No G, I got this, I'll escort him out myself."

1) "get away from my face." The guy still stands there and talk shit. *I put him in a rear naked choke and choke him till he pass out* Cops come, I tell them that the guy spit at me and I defended myself. The cops usually side with us. They believe our word over a drunk guy.

Surprisingly, more drama happens at a cellphone store than night event.

Hi its me, Diem(: said...

LMAO, talk about DRAMA QUEEN! hahahah ((((((: