Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day dos.

it's only day two but i'm excited already. these have been sittin in my notebook for awhile so those who have ran into me already seen it. 
im usin the notebook my friend got me from hawaii :) 
'finally' right angelo?

put this on a shirt and sell it!
..and get sued for it. at least i'll get some publicity :]

and it's true. it doesn't.

fast passes and cash fares feed the guy on top of your cable car.


ufung said...

I loved your newspaper cartoons. I liked the one where two people were drinking soup and they were like "this soup is good, I wonder what they put in it". And there was a picture of a guy pouring MSG in the soup. lol, I still remember that one. Cute drawings =)

Akina1021 said...

talk to me and you wont get sued for the hello kitty shirt lol... i can make it happen =D

PLouie said...

Hey, Michelle! This is Patrick. My blog is gonna be used for posting my "stuff" when they're ready. It's under heavy construction at the moment so there's nothing to see!

Seo said...

add me! haha

Tony Nguyen said...

haha.. i like your artwork... wanna design my next tattoo?