Monday, December 29, 2008


LUCKYDUCKIEBABY was my aol screenname as a kid. how embarrassing is that. but my love for ducks continue on though :)

teeny tiny magnets my sister got me for christmas.

my favorite sharpener i got from vietnam.

my much damaged but beloved key chain my sister got me from thailand. missing an eye and a wing.

a postcard my cousin got me from ikea.

i had plenty plenty plenty of rubberduckies my good friend always get me for every occassion, but i gave them all away to toydrives. don't tell him though.

and here's an old number i came across in one of my notebooks.


angela said...

awww! that sounds like me and my pandas, haha. :]

Anonymous said...

Haha I remember you drew this on my backpack during class and I said "the value of my backpack just went up."

bokcheelo said...

haha the sharpener is herra cute :D