Thursday, December 18, 2008

♥Love from BBC/ICE CREAM!

alright so billionaire boys club&ice cream had a pumpkin carving contest this past halloween. and being that im a die hard N*E*R*D fan and all, you know im in. plus i havent carved a pumpkin in yearsssss so i thought it'd be fun.

and voila, mine:

but as soon as i saw everybody elses', i was like man, im out. competition was tough! but i wasn't too bummed since i had fun anyway.

2 weeks later they announced the results; and turns out they loved them all! and to expect an email. people were tellin me i would just get a 'thanks' or a gift card or whatever. but when i got the email; they asked for my size and address! they kept me on my toes!

so i finally got a package today; just in time for christmas :) i didn't know who it was from since it didn't say. and OMG; i was going craaaaaaaazy. i would've been happy with just a tee, or even a lil key chain--but they hooked it up!

thank you soooo much! i really appreciate it! x infinity. insanely generous. and the thing is you guys didn't have to be. you guys didn't have to do anything really. but hella took the time out to get it to everybody. i love it and love you guys!

AND everything fits like a charm. what is this? it's like you guys knew.
mucho mucho thanks!

oh & here's pharrell reppin me :)


Linda said...

can i have the grey t-shirt. kthanks. ps. you missss me...

David Poteras said...

and you thought it was a forsure loss.

that's hellasick tho(: