Monday, November 29, 2010

Ich spreche kein Deutsch!

:which means i dont know how to speak german. but by the end of the weekend, my friend said i was a pro! she said i was quite the learner, but i had a good teacher! i was bugging her about it the whole time. this girl babysat me for two days; taking me all over the place. we stayed in mainz but also made a day trip to frankfurt, only a forty minute ride on the train. i gave her quite the scare since my flight got delayed and i had no way of contacting her because the number she gave me didnt work. luckily we found eachother after hours of wandering on each end. but i had a great time. lots of walking, eating, & drinking that delicious glühwein everywhere we went. just the perfect touch in the cold.

danke shön, ines :) bis dann!

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The Proper Mood said...

I love your little German notes! I'm a walking small talk dictionary here in my little German town, always carrying my notes!