Monday, March 30, 2009

I haven't been updating..

because i just got back from a lil vacation.

my friend's family built a rec center to keep the kids off the streets. here's a spot for them to write and draw whatever :)


opus dai.

goodnight goddess.
kitty meow meow. he scratched tommy pretty bad.

the greasiest (literally. that is hot grease they're dippin) but the delicious-est.

at the gift shop;

must have been a sad day for somebody.

stars everywhere.
relatives had mini-horses. mini-horses!

harsh words from dick's last resort.

this sign was inside a restaurant.
drive thru's for everything.

get it?

centre clothing.

goodbye texas.

to sasha and jack; thanks for letting us stay and showing us around.
to thomass; thanks for e v e r y t h i n g .


tony nguyen said...

plz tell me you guys gave the waiter at dick's some attitude!!! haha.. when I went to vegas, my friends kept cussing out the waiter.

Sashanicole said...

Awww your totally welcome! I miss y'all, WE miss y'all! I like ur pics! Come back anytime!