Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two main to-do's:

im still pretty hung up on new york. [so im going to draw a couple more comics on it before going to the usual topics.] but yeah, i swear this is all we did. shop + eat. i didnt get to check out all the spots i wanted; stores, vintage shops, restaurants, bakeries, & foodstands alike--this city is way too big to conquer em all. which means i'll be back!
muji; a japanese sto.

droog;i learned about this studio in school!

gosh, everything was sooo ho may ahhh1. mmmmmmm.
faves that i did manage to check out:
+shops: muji, uniqlo, topshop, vice versa, search & destroy, toy tokyo.
+foooood: gnoccos, la esquina, egg, mandoo bar, shake shack, pomme frites, cafe habana, soho park cafe.
1: dericious2.
2: delicious.


andrea nina said...

OH MY GOD i miss new york

molly said...

yup. that's what you do there. that, and hang.
it's why it's my love of loves.