Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So sew sister!

she has been constantly pumpin out nifty crafty things from all these classes she's been taking on the side (of being a nurse--she's never too busy!) &i'm usually the output of her samples. which is fine by me, more stuff for me! :)

1. i had a tear in my tank top and she sewed the outsides, a technique she learned for making openings for buttons. so now it's a cute hole!

2. i lost my wallet, the one that she made me she made me another one. she used a piece of a reusable bag we got in hawaii.

3. just a little pouch she made; she said the material isn't very good, but it's holding up quite nicely. she did the zipper too! i throw my wallet/ipod/chapstick in this baby.

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